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Welcome to the Jerry 4 Judge Campaign Website

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Justice Jerry Zimmerer and his supporters believe
a strong and independent judiciary is essential
to the preservation of our democracy.

Because Jerry believes that ALL Texans should have a
fair hearing, we like to say:

Jerry for Justice equals Justice for All.

We are committed to promoting these values
through Jerry's campaign.

Support the effort, spread the news,
and get involved!

Jerry is a highly qualified candidate with a wealth of
experience and a deep commitment to the legal profession.

About: Learn more about Jerry here

Links is the place to connect with Jerry's initiatives
This is where Jerry's tech background merges with his judicial and candidate experiences.

We welcome your feedback and questions,
and we invite you to support Jerry's campaign for judge.

Join us and feel free to contact us soon.

Pol. Adv. paid for by Jerry Zimmerer For Justice Campaign which subscribes to the Texas Judicial Campaign Fairness Act

Nancy Zimmerer, Treasurer 4900 Fournace Place, Suite 560, Bellaire, TX. 77401


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