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Masters of Law: Health  

Health Law LLM
University of Houston  Sep 2012 - May 2015 · 2 yrs 9 mos

Health Law Survey
-  Spring 2012
Introduction to the history and development of Health Law. Starting with the Hippocratic Oath including the meaning of health, the nature of the physician-patient relationship, public health, reproductive and genetic technologies, and end-of-life care.

Advanced Health Law - Fall 2012
Student Survey Class: My topic was Electronic Health Records, are they to blame for the increase in health costs?

Hospital Law & Ethics - Fall 2012
Seminar covering Hospital Legal/Ethical Issues: EMTALA -Hospital refusal of treatment and transfers, Hospital Internal Review Boards (IRB), Hospital Ethics Consultation and Committees, Research Compliance (both human and animal studies), HIPAA, HITECH, and HHS compliance, Public Health, Vendor management and agreements, Patient rights.

Medical Liability  - Fall 2012
Texas Medical Malpractice Statutes: Legal procedures and standards applied in Texas.

E-Health Law Seminar: - Spring 2013
Legal aspects of "electronic health"; the use and balance between electronic health records (EHR) and medical confidentiality, security and privacy. Studies included Federal Statutes such as HIPAA and HITECH, as well as State statutes related to physician patient relationships. From my perspective, the most interesting aspect of the course was the commoditization of the physician-patient relationship and the conflict between legal standards and consumer choices.

Legal Aspects of Bioethics  - Spring 2013
Legal/Ethical considerations in such areas as birth, development and growth of bioethics, law and ethics in clinical settings, personal autonomy, privacy, confidentiality and privileged communications, informed consent to medical treatment and research, law and ethics at the end of life, deciding for others (children and incompetent persons), the body as a commodity, organ donation and allocation for transplantation, and patients' rights to refuse treatment.

Introduction to Medical Futility and the Texas Medical Futility Act: When Physicians and Patients Disagree
State Bar of Texas - Continuing Legal Education  2016

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