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Masters of Law: International Law Studies
International Law LLM
University of Houston   Sep 2013 - Aug 2015 · 2 yrs


International Commercial Arbitration - Fall 2011
A comprehensive study of all stages of the international arbitral process, from the drafting of the arbitration clause to the enforcement of the arbitral award. New York Convention, Federal Arbitration Act, Texas State Court vs Federal District Court.

US Import Regulation - Fall 2011
Practical study of U.S. import requirements including Customs procedures, importation, enforcement and development of corporate import compliance programs.

US Export Regulation - Spring 2012
US export control procedures of the primary federal agencies that regulate U.S. Export Policy.

Communications Law - Spring 2012
US Communications Law: Paper: U.S. Law and Policy Regulating International eCommerce in the Brave New World of the Internet a discussion of Intellectual Property Rights and enforcement practices, what works and what doesn’t.

International Business Transactions - Fall 2012
Contemporary transnational business law from the standpoint of a practicing attorney based in the USA.

  • Letters of Credit, International Treaties, US Trade Regulations.
  • International Considerations:
  • The WTO and related agreements
  • NAFTA and other U.S. free trade agreements
  • The European Union

Introduction to the Law of Mexico - Spring 2013
Overview of Mexican legal history, constitutional law and the judicial system; civil, commercial, real estate and procedure; and an introduction to conducting basic research on Mexican law as well as trans-border litigation and enforcement of foreign judgments in Mexico.

International Litigation - Spring 2013

  • Suits against foreign defendants in United States
  • Suits by foreign plaintiffs, circumstances under which a US court should dismiss a case under forum non-conveniens.
  • Foreign sovereign immunity
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments,
  • United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (the "New York Convention")


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