Petition Project

An initiative to validate and auto-populate judicial petitions with voter information, including the Voter Name, Address, County, DOB and VUIDs.

Challenge Number 1 – Voter Validation
Traditionally, the process required voters to individually complete and sign petitions with their voter information. This repetitive task can be burdensome, especially during signing parties where they may support multiple judicial candidates. Additionally, each candidate needs to verify and validate the Voter Unique IDs (VUIDs) for every signer, adding to the effort and complexity.

Proposed Solution – Pre-Registration:
Some have a system to validate voters and their registration information at the beginning of an event. The pre-validation of each voter's information is intended to streamline the process. However, this solution leads to a new challenge.

Challenge Number 2 – Populating Voter Information:
Historically, the most effective way to populate voter information was through manual registration, followed by the generation of Avery labels with voter details. While it helps with repetitive validation, this approach requires staffing logistics, manual registration, and label printing. The process remains labor-intensive at the registration stage, and voters still need to manually "Peel and Stick" labels onto each petition they sign. Moreover, some voters faced difficulties in peeling and aligning Avery labels onto the petitions.

New Proposed Solution - Auto-Populated Judicial Petitions:
This system creates tables based upon both candidate and voter information. We use QR codes at each event to collect basic voter information. This data is then automatically validated against an available voter database, and their details, including VUID, are populated within the petition generation tool. As a result, candidate and voter information is preprinted on the petitions, ready for signing. Furthermore, since the generated petitions are county-specific (Statewide, Appellate District, and County), each voter is presented with all the petitions they are entitled to sign.

Important Note:
It's crucial to acknowledge that this tool is currently in beta testing and is not yet proven or fully reliable. As such, until it is thoroughly tested and deemed reliable, candidates should be available to present petitions in the traditional manner.

This tool is  only available to Democratic Incumbents and Open Seats.

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